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Started in 1954, Bel Air Kennels offers quality boarding kennel facilities, Labrador Retriever training and services in Glyndon, MN. Locally owned and family operated, owner Gene Christensen, his wife Betty and their children have been part of the kennel operation, from managing the business to training the dogs.

The best time to consider consulting a professional is when you are considering buying a retriever puppy or if you already own one, as soon as possible. A professional trainer can advise you on selecting the best puppy to buy, to meet your retriever performance goals. In addition, they can help make sure you are getting the healthiest puppy with their knowledge of genetic testing and what to look for in regards to health clearances on both the mother and father of your puppy. A professional can instruct you on how to structure your early training sessions and many trainers now offer professional puppy training programs.

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Kennel Facilities

  • Hot water heat
  • 4 x 4 bed area with platform - there is a buffer partition to protect from a door draft
  • Attached 4 x 16 outside exercise area - to give the dog ample freedom to go inside or outside

Boarding Service

  • Complete boarding service
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Cat boarding available

Retail Area

  • Pet supplies
  • Field training equipment

Pet Care and Other Services

  • Grooming by appointment
  • Raising puppies - large, roomy whelping boxes are used, whelping boxes are made of stainless steel and ceramic tile
  • Dog breeding - bitches are sired by field champion and / or amateur field champion
  • Breeding of Labrador - black, chocolate and yellow

Retriever Training

  • The length of the training could be 1 to 3 months depending on an owner's time and background, the dog's background and
    training ability
  • Phase 1 - develop obedience, force fetching, and yard training
  • Phase 2 - continue transitional training from yard work to field work, more birds and water work
  • Phase 3 - advanced field work, marking, more birds, longer
    swims, etc

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Bel Air Kennels 157 70th St N, Glyndon, MN 56547
Bel Air Kennels
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